• Hence in the following mention to Abshar Atefeha charity activity and its history

    Abshar atefeha international charity NGO was established on 15th of Ramadan in 2006. since establishment started to its activity according to duties and goals. Realized their plans in order to satisfy God and people. Supporting benefactors caused the institute promotes its activity from city to province. Due to the 10 years old brilliant records in IRAN in the 2012 years, it was registered in the form of nationality.  Since establishment, help to serve the people, has been the duties of servants of this organization. Now that 18 years passed from its activity, a population of over 35 thousand, people have been protected, which is a big deal toward other institution, and over 35 thousand benefactors support this institution as sponsor and supporter. The most important support is employing 4000 thousand people from target society as entrepreneur. 
    Abshar atefeha international charity NGO took an official permit from ministry of interior and ministry of foreign affairs with the registration number 2310 in 2006 years. And now with more than 500 branches in all over Iran, are working with management of Mr. Mohammad Javad Fouladpour. So people who like to be in touch with Absharatefeha international charity NGO in Iran, can email via Pr@absharatefeha.ir or the Website address www.absharatefehacharity.com and phone call 00985137136942.Perhaps, in this way we can be a powerful hand to help people.

  • Ways of communication for the material and spiritu
    Ways of communication for the material and spiritual support of the Abshar Atefeha Charity International Foundation
    Website address                                                                                                             www.absharatefehacharity.com
    Management Manager@absharatefehacharity.com  
    Office of International Coordination Office@absharatefehacharity.com                                                                                               
    Deputy of Sports Info@absharatefehacharity.com
    NGO Ngo@absharatefehacharity.com  

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