• Participation in kindness
    The concept of goodness….
    Among the valuable concepts that has been considered in religious teaching, especially in holy Quran, is charity. Charity has many functions in individual, social, cultural, and spiritual arenas.
    True believers and wise men in every age and generation trying to make themselves the same as benefactor.
    This is Saadi s advice:
    Follow the good people s way 
    When you are stand up get the peoples hand who fell to the ground.
    Beneficence come from every mans nature, such as giving some advice, forgive someone, buy some things for someone, or learning something and teach it to someone else.
    Imam Ali said:
    People describe to everything that they learn or they do it.
    Cash and financial assistance
    Dear benefactor:  by referring to charities branch in all over the country or web site or dialing with *780*2310# you can help to this organization to realizing good will goals.
    Individual and voluntary assistance such as holding recreational patrol in deprived areas, voluntary help to organization, helping to hold religious and national ceremonies.
    Non-cash and spiritual assistance
    Preparing basket of goods, clothing, preparing marriage settlement, and dowry.
    Memorandum of understanding in two sides with companies and governmental agencies to advancement the goals  
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