• Incorrect division of wealth between the social classes follow up many disruptions, and this inequality is the main problem in society and between the people, especially cultural differences between the affluent and the poor. Therefore, these differences cause depression, aggression, psychological disorders, and weakness of religious belief between low income people. Certainly, as long as the members of the community suffer from cultural and economic poverty, they cannot live healthy because their concerns are filling this class gap, for getting the minimum standards of prosperous society, and followed by that a foul to social harm. Such as robbery, contraband and ……. but we are as member of the society, how much we can regulate own society and own world. 
    In every country, nation and society, there are some benefactors that are able to eliminate needs and problems of people.
    We also as NGO charity by the name of Abshar Atefeha with the intention of balancing the community and people, economically and culturally, looking for, by creating job and entrepreneurship, for the youth, satisfaction of needy, creating place for derelict children to study, be as scale stone to establishing a balance between the social class, because we want to be a powerful hand for making equal world.

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