• International charity NGO Abshar atefeha's goals

    1. The main purpose is poverty alleviation and helping to develop country through gaining the global support.
    2. Identify existing capacities in international area especially in united nation and its subsidiary institutions in the field of poverty eradication and interact with them under supervision and coordination of ministry of foreign affairs.
    3. Attending the international NGO with focus of decreasing poverty and stabile development, to support and associate through the fighting poverty in coordination with ministry of foreign affairs.
    4. interacting with abroad Iranians for catching their trust, material,spiritual and skill support through Abshar Atefeha charity goals and encouraging them to invest in decreasing poverty within the country.
    5. Establishment of a representative office and branch in the target countries with observing the rules of authority issuing activity license and ministry of foreign affairs.
    6. Doing international activity with observing regulations of target countries rules. International contribution and catching score from the abroad to poverty reduction, requires a written statement to the reference authority and ministry, at least two months before the project.
    7. Funds are deposited in to the institution's currency account.
    8. Contracting memorandum and collaboration development with NGO regional and international charities, to transfer experience and expertise in deprivation areas, build up, health care, education, research and poverty.
    9. Holding international exhibition and product markets and manufactured goods by needy people with association and collaboration of Target Country.
    10.Trying to eliminate the needs of deprived patients in the country in the area of hygiene, treatment and medication through communication with NGO corresponsive in target countries.  
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