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Meeting and discussion with Ayatollah Shahrestni

*A detailed statement by Ayatollah Shahrestani about holding the first international charities and benefactors of the orphans and deprived hosted by the Abshar Atefeha international charity NGO.
 Hojjat Al Islam Seyed Javad Shahrestani representative of Ayatollah Sistani meeting with Mahdi Soli secretary of meeting for the first international charities and benefactors of the orphans and deprived people said: everyone has a responsibility and you can't blame yourself in any situation and blamed others. The representative of Ayatollah says: if we accept our mistakes lots of problems will be solved. Sometimes some people claim that all the mistakes were from previous ones. It's not a good way to manage and take responsibility. he emphasized  to develop a culture of social and political ethics. If responsibility is in the hands of someone, we should not blame others for social and political morality. Hojjat Al Islam Shahrestani noted that activities and responsibilities should be according to the rules and follow in a reasonable way. We must organize our programs on a way to achieving regular goals. He pointed to the domestic elites we must appreciate the elite forces of scientific ability in various Fields each of these elites are an important human and social assets.
*Spreading the culture of public responsibility
Shahrestani considered public responsibility an important element in facing the country's problems. He said: we have a very hard-working people and if we spread culture of public responsibility we can stand against the problems of the country and succeed. The importance role of public participation in good works.  We need to increase public participation in good works and helping weak and disabled people. Sometimes a person donates a little or a lot to a charity the amount of money doesn't matter in the good anyone with any financial means is a benefactor. The activities of the charity must be tired in with the public participation. He pointed out people should feel they can play an important role in the good works. Sometimes a person with his or her skills or words can do something to help the weak this is also valuable. He said all the people of society are benefactors. We should Just prepare opportunity for them to do good works and let them participate in activities. It must not be forgotten that charitable activities must be devoted to virtue and free from selfishness.
*Developing partnerships with related charities and under aristocracy of Ayatollah Sistani 
 representative of Ayatollah Sistani welcomes first international charity meeting for supporting orphans and deprived people and he says: in doing this good works we must attracted the partnerships, confidence, and trust of everyone. When building Asgarian holy shrine I remember a lady who was a teacher and purely contributed some gold to the holy shrine.  She said that she would put this in the hands of the trustee to contribute to the construction. This affects the human being and is valuable. Emphasize to members of Abshar Atefeha try to be more trusted by people. At the moment Society is in a bad economic situation and it can lead to dissatisfaction. The authorities in this situation should be aware of these problems and deprived people. And don't see them as anti-regime people because they are the same people who participated on 22 Bahman and they are more revolutionary than us. Mahdi Soli Secretary of the first international charity and benefactors meeting to support the orphans and the disadvantaged people presented a report for international charity Ngo performance and a report on the process of holding a meeting. He said in charities’ activities there are a variety of charitable and good people involved. Some peoples are in small groups themselves and others are helping on a regular basis. But they all come together to reduce the problems of deprived people. He referred to meetings with social activists, charities, officials, benefactors in Najaf, Istanbul, Beirut and other countries. He emphasized on charities collaboration to share experiences and take advantage of this meeting for strengthen synergy between Iranian charities and other global experiences in particular working with charities.

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