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Actions of the branches of the Abshar Atefeha Charity International Foundation in Tasoa and Ashura of Hosseini

Cooking 3000 meals barberry rice with chicken on the night of Tasoa and distribution among poor families, Sanandaj
Donation of 12 kg meat, depositing 5 million Tomans to a charity account and donating a basket of goods including pasta, tuna, lemon juice ...., Rafsanjan city
Donation of votive meat among 20 families covered, Qala-e-Ganj city
Donation of 5000 baskets of goods including: liquid oil, rice, pasta, etc., Tehran
Donation in the form of dry food and donation of 16 kg meat for distribution among the poor, Sajas
Distribution of 80 hot food presses, Zanjan
Cooking and distribution of hot food, Zanjan dowry branch
Donation of sacrificial meat, Khorramdareh dowry branch
Slaughter of sheep and distribution and cooking of porridge, Azadshahr
Donation of 10 kg meat and deposit of 850,000 Tomans by benefactors, Birjand
Donation of 200 kg meat, 160 kg potatoes, 232 hot food presses and 120 baskets of goods, Asadabad, Hamadan
Donation of beef (120 kg meat), donation of 10 kg dates and 15 boxes of dates worth 3800000 Rials, Bushehr
Baking and distribution of 170 votive food presses and 100 kg porridge,Genaveh port
Distribution of 50 special livelihood packages for Muharram, including a bag of rice, pasta, oil, soy, cereals, pinto beans, green lentils, peas, chickpeas, red beans, chicken in Absharatefeha Charity Bushehr branch
Baking and distributing more than 1300 sacrificial food presses among the needy and the residents of Tal Sarkuh village
Holding a mourning ceremony for Ashura of Hosseini and cooking more than 1,200 hot food presses for catering the mourners of Hosseini, Dashtestan
Distribution of breakfast, meat and hot food (minced meat and chicken), Isfahan
Slaughter and distribution of 3 sheep and distribution of 500 hot food presses, Fin Isfahan
Distribution of 500 hot food presses, Nain
Slaughter and distribution of 4 sheep and distribution of 500 hot food presses, Najafabad, Isfahan
Distribution of 320 hot food presses, Markazi province
Baking 2000 hot food presses on the day of Ashura of Hosseini, Anzali port
Distribution of raw and cooked votive items, Markazi province
Donation of 313 hot food presses of rice and vegetable and donation of one million and four hundred tomans in cash cost to orphans, Ahvaz
Donation of sacrificial meat (2 sacrificial sheep) and cash donations by honorable benefactors, Abhar
Slaughter and distribution of meat of a sheep, treatment branch of Hamedan
Distribution of 400 hot food presses, Qazvin orphans
Distribution of 200 hot food presses and 600 packs of food and disinfection of roads and taxis, Qazvin
Establishment of Salavati station near the holy shrine of Bibi Zahra Khatoon "Puh" and cooking and distribution of hot food, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad
Distribution of 120 hot food presses and 120 baskets of goods, affairs of Mazandaran west branches
Distribution of meat in Kuhdasht branches of Lorestan province and Ghaen of South Khorasan province
Deposit of 500,000 Tomans for the treatment of a child with liver failure, Mahdishahr, Semnan province
Holding Tasua and Ashura ceremonies of Hosseini and performing the play "Spear Moon", Mahdishahr, Semnan province
Slaughtering 2 sheep, donating 50 kg rice, 30 kg meat and oil, donating of cakes and juices and 100 presses of vegetable crumbs in Semnan Orphanage and Sadat branch
Distribution of 3 hot food presses, 4 chickens, 2 kg red meat, 3 baskets of goods (rice, pasta, oil, paste, soy and tea), Andimeshk
Distribution of 49 chickens, 8 kg red meat and 150 hot food presses among the seekers on the occasion of Ashura of Hosseini, Ilam
Distribution of hot food (vegetable crumbs) among patients covered on the day of Ashura of Hosseini, Kermanshah
Donation of eight food packages and 20 chickens, Islamabad West
Distribution of noodle pottage and 260 food presses, Abdanan, Ilam province


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