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Performance report of Abshar Atefeha international foundation in corona crisis management in Khorasan Razavi province

Helping the poor and the deprived is one of the behavioral necessities of every person, especially in the current situation where the society is facing cultural and economic inflammations, the need to pay attention to the needy becomes more apparent. In this regard, following the orders of the Supreme Leader regarding the assistance to the vulnerable and the beneficence and faithful assistance of the Absharatefeha International Charity Foundation, valuable actions have been described.

1- Distribution of
 Eidaneh basket of goods 58,000 packages worth 116,000,000 Rials
2- Distribution of livelihood baskets in beneficence and faithful cooperation exercises during 6 stages of training worth 87,000,000 Rials and 29,000 food and livelihood packs
3- Inspection of hospitals and distribution of catering packages with flowers in the amount of 14,450 packs worth 675,000,000 Rials
4- Distribution of hot food in the suburbs in the amount of 28,270 food presses worth 5,654,000,000 Rials
5- Donation of 15 tons of first-class Hashemi rice and 400 sheep for cooking and 100,000 Hazrat food worth 11,750,000,000 Rials
6- Production and distribution of health masks more than 235,875 masks worth 3,538,125,000 Rials
7- Packing and distributing health packs more than 27,781 distributed packs worth 10,992,400,000 Rials



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