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Preparation of 4000 livelihood packages and 1000 stationery packs in the 8th beneficence maneuver and faithful help

Yesterday morning, 1 Sep 2020, the eighth faithful beneficence maneuver of the Absharatefeha International Charity Foundation was held in the presence of provincial officials at the Imam Sajjad Hosseiniyah in Mashhad. At the ceremony, the Managing Director of the Absharatefeha International Foundation  said: "The help of charities as faithful relief  maneuver revives the tradition of benevolence and charity. Fortunately, public donations have increased dramatically in the areas of sacrifice, hot and non-cash food offerings, especially since the beginning of Muharram, which is a sign of unity and empathy of the great nation of Iran. Mohammad Javad Foulad in the faithful maneuver ceremony of the cooperative and empathy development plan of the Absharatefeha International Charity Foundation added the following: With the efforts of benefactors, livelihood packages, hot food and cash have been distributed in seven stages in deprived areas and on the suburbs since the beginning of the consolation and empathy maneuver and today, in the eighth stage, which is after the first decade of Muharram, in addition to livelihood packages, stationery will be distributed on the suburbs of Mashhad. He reminded: "One of the most important and significant points in these maneuvers is the appreciation of benefactors who, in addition to responding to the Revolution Supreme Leader's order for faithful help from the beginning of the sympathy and empathy maneuvers, always they supported the Abshar International  Charity Foundation  with their help in reducing poverty, especially the livelihood of the needy.  Mr Foulad stated that the Corona virus has caused many problems for the people, especially the needy; Added: Since the beginning of the empathy and faithful help maneuver, one hundred thousand hot meals have  just been distributed in Mashhad with the participation of Astan Quds; Also, in the same way, separate food and baskets of goods were distributed in the representative centers of the provinces. Mr Foulad with reference to the Rial value of livelihood packages and stationery in the eighth stage of the faithful help maneuver of the Absharatefeha International Charity Foundation ; He said: Today, in Mashhad , 4,000 livelihood packages, each worth three million to three million, 500 thousand Rials, along with one thousand stationery packs, each worth one million and 500 thousand Rials, will be distributed. Foulad stated that since the beginning of the maneuver of empathy and faithful help, in other words, since the beginning of this year, 58,000 livelihood packages have been distributed in the province; He mentioned: "Since the beginning of the year, about 60,000 livelihood packages and about 300,000 hot meals have been distributed throughout the country among the needy."


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