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National conference glorification of charities which are partner with the Red Crescent

National conference of charities and NGO was held in Children and Adolescent Intellectual Development Centre hosted by the Red Crescent on Sunday August 18.
In this ceremony Mr. Foolad as managing director of Abshar Atefeha organization, congratulated Eid Ghadir to the audience, and said: thank God for being here among you, to appreciate efforts of Red Crescent which is a sacred population for system and the nation. They created epic in times of crisis and natural disasters such as flood and earthquakes.
They are present on the roads to make relax for passengers. He continued, Abshar Atefeha charity as an international NGO has 520 branches across the country collaborates with The Red Crescent by intimacy. We were able to provide great service to the target community. At the end of his speech Mr. Foolad said: should be thank from all charities, communities, benefactors and all those who strive to serve the Islamic republic of Iran.

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