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Meeting and discussion with sheikh ali halavi

Mahdi Soli, Secretary of the first international charity and benefactors meeting discussed with Sheikh Ali Halavi representative of Lebanon's charity Almbarat population. They have a discussion in Iran in place of representation in Qom. According to the secretariat of the first international charities and benefactors of the orphans and deprived meeting, the two sides discussed about developing cooperation and relations between the two charities. At the beginning of the meeting Dr. Mahdi Soli in his speech explained about the importance and necessity of the first international charities and benefactors of orphans and deprived. This meeting is hosted by International charity NGO. he also gives a report on the charities activities. There were discussions on bilateral cooperation in the areas of business, transferring knowledge and education. Noting that Abshar Atefeha charity approach creates business atmosphere and empowering the needy people in different methods and traditional ways of Supporting. He said: Abshar Atefeha international charity NGO due to the   introduction of new business areas and knowledge-base it is able to transfer some technologies and Sciences to enhance activity with Almbarat population. Dr. Mahdi Soli praise `educational and training patterns in Educational areas of Lebanon Almbarat population, Created for children and adults, including capacities for exchanging pattern. Opening of three schools and training centers built by international charity Ngo in deprived areas of the provinces Sistan and Baluchestan and Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari in the beginning of school year.Sheikh Ali Halavi explained about common subjects and cooperation between Almabarat charity and Abshar Atefeha international charity NGO. Resolving legal problems and facilitating the activities of foreign charities in Iran is a very important issue. The two sides also talked about the capacities of the international meeting and bilateral cooperation for unity among Islamic countries.


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