• We've come to take the hands of all charities in the world to have a world free of poverty.
      The founders of charity in any country as stars which shines to poor's night. In fact, this is God who is lord of skies and land so no preachers on earth that does not obey God. He knows the whole world. On the day of judgment all creature will present in front of God, and those who believed in God, got benefactor and the merciful God loves them. God made man from one gender, so to save mankind we must be one, to fulfill the Gods promise. So, whoever helps God will help him. Allah does not fail in his promise. The servant who accepted this, found the truth of Towhid. So, trust on him. Its time to become like a star which take our light from divine light therefore we know God order and follow this order because at the end we are creature of one unit.in fact he choose us for poor servant actually he experiments us. People who are benefactor, God enters them in to the paradise through his mercy, because lord of universe is powerful. We kiss your hands because your hands are in hands of God. Happy this chain of brotherhood and closet. We want to be like sun to warm all the world.


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